Home Hosptiality

Travel the World without Leaving Home

GCIV works with the U.S. Department of State and other agencies in hosting emerging world leaders to Georgia. In turn, GCIV offers Georgia citizens like you the opportunity to meet our guests on a personal and professional level.

Hosting visitors to your home for a meal provides you with fascinating dinner company. Visitors tell hosts about their home countries and hosts give visitors a home-cooked meal and a look at an American home.

Imagine having France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, Mexico’s Felipe Calerdon or the prime minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, over for dinner. They were all home hospitality guests early in their careers. People like you hosted them for  dinner, just as you can host the next generation of world leaders.

Dinner hospitality also leads to lasting friendships and invitations abroad. We announce home hospitality opportunities in our monthly GCIV e-newsletter. Please subscribe to learn about visitors coming to town.

Professional meetings provide a forum for an exchange of ideas and sharing of best practices between leaders from around the world and their counterparts in Georgia. This valuable experience has often led to collaboration with colleagues abroad.

“We have been really amazed at how connected you can become in conversation with people who barely speak English. You don’t have to have something significant to discuss, just ask about their families, jobs and lives and you could talk all night. People ought to realize that you do not need to have a showplace and a chef-quality meal at all. Keep it casual, simple, warm and people just want to be open and talk and talk. We now have email ‘pals’ and are really enjoying this whole concept. What a life-enriching and really fun thing to do!
–GCIV Member Bethany Lane

“I truly want to thank GCIV for allowing me the pleasure of meeting and entertaining these wonderful people. It’s an experience I will never forget.”
–GCIV Member Vicki Van Der Hoek

Contact Emily O’Harris at emily@gciv.org for more information on how to get involved in professional programs or dinner hospitality.